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Playing around with the MD-380

It's a couple of days ago I received my new TYT MD-380; first impressions are good.

For as far as I can judge the audioquality (both RX and TX) is very good. Of course there are always some glitches like if you have disabled all sounds and go to an non-programmed channel in a zone you do hear a beep. If you then switch to another zone and back to the original one the beep is gone. Strange but true. And sometimes when I enable scan the screen lights up white, stays like that and nothing happens. 

It appears to me the HT's are still subject to development since new firmware has been released. So I will update it shortly and see what happens. Pricewise however there is nothing that beats this DMR HT to my opinion.

While in Sweden I connected OZ6DMR to reflector 4502 and gave a CQ. Johan, PA3ANG, answered via his X1P and we had quite a nice QSO. Good to see everything is working fine!

So all by all I am happy with this purchase!


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